USS John King DDG-3 Association

Who are Tin Can Sailors?

  • Tin Can Sailors (TCS) was formed in 1976 in Fall River Massachusetts as a part of the Battleship Cove Memorial. 
  • It was spun off as a separate entity in 1991 but enjoys solid relations with Battleship Cove and the USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr to this day.
  • TCS has approximately 23,000 active members, including over 4,000 Life Members.
  • We are a duly registered non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and are tax exempt throughout the U.S.
  • We publish The Tin Can Sailor newspaper each quarter and host an extensive website at
  • During the period of 1990 to 2007, Tin Can Sailors, through the Thomas J. Peltin Destroyer Grant Program, made donations totaling more than $1.7 Million to the destroyers of the Historic Fleet plus donations to the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and Historic Naval Ships Association. In addition, TCS makes project donations to the two destroyer escorts, USS Slater in Albany, New York and USS Stewart in Galveston Texas.
  • TCS has what is probably the largest independent library of naval publications. The Tin Can Sailors Library houses some 19,000 books and publications and has an extensive collection of ship’s plaques.
  • TCS supports the Ship Reunion Groups, listing more than 900 on our website. TCS supports these groups in various ways, including providing donations of door prizes/raffle prizes, TCS newspapers, and membership information. We offer advice on conducting reunions, on creating ship websites, and on forming ship association.
  • TCS has access to one of the most extensive photo collections in existence, including rights to use photos from the two largest commercial naval photography companies in America.
  • TCS owns and operates sophisticated digital archiving equipment and is able to access previously archived materials (e.g. microfilm and microfiche) and produce digital CDs for researchers and other interested parties for a nominal fee.
  • TCS is in the publishing business, not just for The Tin Can Sailor newspaper but for books as well. We also are involved in archiving self-published books and in posting reviews of books on the TCS website.
  • TCS has been able to get top-notch writers like James Hornfischer, Peter Huchthausen, and Kit Bonner to contribute articles to The Tin Can Sailor. We have also gotten notable Navy figures such as then-Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Vern Clark to write articles for our members. The newspaper presents an array of stories and articles on destroyers, destroyer-related ships, and the sailors who served in them plus news of when and where the reunion groups will be holding their events in the coming months.
  • TCS holds an annual National Reunion, each year in a different city. Recent Reunions were held in Annapolis, Mobile, Portland OR, Danvers (Boston) MA, St. Louis, and Norfolk VA. The 2007 National Reunion will be in San Diego at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina from Sunday, 1 September 2007 to Thursday, 6 September. Our 2008 and 2009 events will be in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Portland, Maine, respectively.
  • TCS hosts more than 20 regional Bull Sessions around the country and has been involved in other veteran activities such as an annual picnic in Chicago and the Veterans Day Parade in Austin TX.
  • Our Ship’s Store offers clothing, ball caps, pins, patches, and many more items of interest to destroyer veterans and a portion of the proceeds helps to fund our activities and the Destroyer Museum Grant Program.